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The NEW PDF Bubble Test Generator

Use the new bubble test
program for PDF printed
bubble sheets!

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The PDF Bubbletest Generator
now has the ability to use
your own PDF template. That
is a big deal because you can
create your school's logo and
letterhead with MS Word, save
it as a PDF file, and use the
PDF as a template. Then, you
will have a bubbletest with
your own custom letterhead!

Your sheets will be "pixel
clear", and you will have the
ability to save your PDF on
your PC, just like any other
PDF file. Let me know what
you think of it. The current
Bubble Test Site will remain
as-is. And it's always free!

I realize teachers usually
operate with limited funds,
but if this site is truly help-
ful to you, please consider
contributing a small dona-
tion.  Thank You.

Do you have young
students or students
with challenged motor

Easier to read ...
There are some larger
bubble styles in the '500'
section of the Teacher
Submitted Graphics. These
are perfect for younger

In this example, I also
enlarged the font size,
widened column space,
and increased space for
the distance between lines.

View Sample Sheet

    View Sample Sheet

Did you know ...
that you can eliminate the
page numbers AND the footer
that appear on your sheet
when printed on the printer?

If the footer is set to URL,
the URL will appear
on the bottom of your sheet.

View your "page settings" or
"printer setup" to change
all header and footer fields
to -Empty-
Change Settings
The header / footer settings
appear on the same part as
the margin adjustments.

Another hint: Make all
margins as small as you can.
Enter zero(0) for each and
let the browser determine
the smallest margin number.

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Minnesota Education

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Print out practice
Bubble Test Sheets
for your Students.

Create a test key by
printing a sheet on
a clear transparency.
Use a permanent pen
to mark the correct
answers on test key.

If you plan on mixing math
grids with other styles, I
recommend that you make a
couple separate sheets and
cut the paper printout with
a scissors. Create a master
test sheet you can copy on
a normal copy machine.
Basically, you'll be arrang-
ing your own columns so they
line-up properly.

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Special Features

Having Problems?
Having Problems?
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If you're still stuck,
ask me.

You would not believe the
number of emails I get from
teachers around the world.
The great ideas and suggest-
ions are amazing!

As always, this site is free.
Use it.

Use these bubble sheets for
practice tests. Introduce
young students to the many
different styles of testing.

Teaching tools, testing
tools, and educational tools
designed specifically for

Parents who home-school
their children will find
this especially beneficial.

Step 1 Create the Top of Your Sheet ...

Blank Boxes will not appear on test form ...
Remember my name and classroom on this PC.   Saved Using Cookies Saved Using Cookies

Test Title:   Set to underline Clear Textbox

 Move Test Title to a line all by itself, giving it more room.

Teacher's Name:   Set to underline Clear Textbox  Saved with Cookies

Teacher's Room:   Set to underline Clear Textbox   Saved with Cookies

Hour  Period   Quarter  Semester   (enter value) Set to underline Clear Textbox

Test:   (Date, ID, Number, Etc)   Set to underline Clear Textbox

Display Line for Student Name ...
  Name: __________
  Student ID: __________
  _____________ (just a plain line)
  nothing is displayed

Print "Date:___"   (Students can write-in a date)   Saved with Cookies

Test Version:   Or, enter Style Numbers 13-20 for Bubble Display

Font Size Examples:   8pt   12pt   14pt   20pt   26pt  

Font Size Control for top of test:
Font Point Size (12 is normal)
Font Sizes allowed: 8-26 point.

Font Size Control for test column numbering:
Font Point Size (12 is normal)
Does not change bubble size. The bubbles are graphic images, not text.

Enter an optional comment (or instructions) line that appears on top ...
  Clear Textbox

Enter additional comments (or instructions) on a 2nd line ...
  Clear Textbox
Caution: Adding this line may push you onto a 2nd page on your printer.

Display test headings in this language ...
 English   Espa˝ol 

Formatting height of paper ...
Standard 8.5" X 11" paper only fits up to 30 questions per column.
That assumes you use standard line spacing for questions. Any deviation
from that may push your questions onto a 2nd page. You may have to use
your printer options (shrink to fit) or (reduce by percent).

Step 2 Create the Columns of Bubbles ...

Formatting Space Between Columns ...
This spaces the columns apart narrower or wider.

Symbol to insert between question numbers and bubbles ...
1. Period   1) Parenthesis   1] Square Bracket   1  Nothing  

You can print up to five columns on the form.
Each column can have a different bubble style.
If you use all five columns, you may have to do "fit to page" for
proper printout on 8.5inch paper. (use your print preview)

Column Caption         Question Numbers         Bubble Style (See Below)

   Numbers to    Style
   Numbers to    Style
   Numbers to    Style
   Numbers to    Style
   Numbers to    Style
Express Fill-In   Clear Numbers
Select 1-50 (2 cols)
Select 1-75 (3 cols)
Select 1-100 (4 cols)
Select 1-125 (5 cols)
Select 1-150 (5 cols)

Bubble Styles to choose from ...



t-cap test numbering:

alternate numbering:






37  [no bubbles/blank]


some math functions:

more bubble styles (TAKS-M):

true - false:



Scroll this list for a variety of other graphic styles that are not
necessarily normal looking bubbles. Ideas submitted by teachers.

   Teacher submitted bubble graphics:

500  Submitted by teachers (agree, disagree, undecided)

501  Submitted by teachers (feelings chart)

502  Submitted by teachers (pain chart)

503  Submitted by teachers (opinion - also see 523)

504  Submitted by teachers (opinion - also see 524)

505  Submitted by teachers (music - treble)

506  Submitted by teachers (music - bass)

507  Submitted by teachers (music - alto)

508  Submitted by teachers (music - tenor)

509  Submitted by teachers (TNT Reading Express)

510  Submitted by teachers (OPINION - FACT)

511  Submitted by teachers (FACT - OPINION)

512  Submitted by teachers (OPINION - FACT)

513  Submitted by teachers (FACT - OPINION)

514  Submitted by teachers
(Long Line of Bubbles for Matching, etc.)

515  Submitted by teachers
(Long Line of Bubbles for Matching, etc.)

516  Submitted by teachers
(Alphabet 1st Half - for Matching, etc.)

517  Submitted by teachers
(Alphabet 2nd Half - for Matching, etc.)

518  Submitted by teachers
(Blank Set - for Matching, etc. - Use with 516 or 517)

519  Submitted by teachers
(Boxes for whatever ...)

520  Submitted by teachers
(T F w/line)

521  Submitted by teachers
(Longer Line)

522  Submitted by teachers
(Longer Line)

523  Submitted by teachers
(opinion - one line for better spacing)

524  Submitted by teachers
(opinion - one line for better spacing)

525  Submitted by teachers
(1-8 special request)

526  Submitted by teachers
(large size A-E) For very young students, or motor-skill challenged.

527  Submitted by teachers
(large size A-D)

528  Submitted by teachers
(large size A-C)

529  Submitted by teachers
(large True - False)

530  Submitted by teachers
(large 1-3)

531  Submitted by teachers
(large 1-4)

532  Submitted by teachers
(large 1-5)

533  Submitted by teachers
(large A-F)

These Essay Lines don't mix well with other styles.
Like math grids, you will need to cut and paste with scissors.
540  Submitted by teachers
Essay Answer

541  Submitted by teachers
Essay Answer

542  Submitted by teachers
Essay Answer

543  Submitted by teachers
Vertical Shape Bubble - larger

544  Submitted by teachers
Vertical Shape Bubble - larger

545  Submitted by teachers
Vertical Shape Bubble - larger

546  Submitted by teachers
Vertical Shape Bubble - smaller

547  Submitted by teachers
Vertical Shape Bubble - smaller

548  Submitted by teachers
Vertical Shape Bubble - smaller

   Math Grids and X-Y Axis Graphs (scroll for various styles):

PLEASE NOTE ... Because the column format is not working when you mix these
grids with other styles, please generate the math grid columns one at a time.
Print them out separately, and cut/paste (scissors and tape) together a master
of your test sheet. I realize this consumes more paper, but until I can figure
out how to align the columns, there is no other option.

600  Math Grids        629  Math Grids  

601  Math Grids  

602  Math Grids  

603  Math Grids  

604  Math Grids  

605  Math Grids  

606  Math Grids  

607  Math Grids  

608  Math Grids  

609  Math Grids  

610  Math Grids  

611  Math Grids  

612  Math Grids  

613  Math Grids  

614  Math Grids  

615  Math Grids  

616  Math Grids  

617  Math Grids  

618  Math Grids  

619  Math Grids  

620  Math Grids  

621  Math Grids  

622  Math Grids  

623  Math Grids  

624  Math Grids  

625  Math Grids  

626  Math Grids  

627  Math Grids  

628  Math Grids  

630  STAAR Modified Texas Education
Math Grids  

631  STAAR Modified Texas Education
Math Grids  

632  STAAR Modified Texas Education
Math Grids  

633  X-Y Axis Graph
X-Y Axis Graph  

634  X-Y Axis Graph
X-Y Axis Graph  

635  X-Y Axis Graph
X-Y Axis Graph  

636  X-Y Axis Graph
X-Y Axis Graph  

637  Math Grids  

638  Math Grids  

Step 3 Select Misc Options ...

   Print Alternating Color Background ...
        Background Color by  Each Line   Grouping (see Group below) 
        Your browser needs to be set-up to print background colors.
        For instructions on printing background colors: printing colors
       Select Color:  1    2    3    4    5    6    7 

   Print BOLD Letters  ... Example:

   Print BLANK Bubbles  ... Example:
        Only valid for large and small round 'letter' bubbles.
        This option takes precedence over the BOLD option.
          - Select Styles 1-8, 29 or 30 for this option.

Include TRUE - FALSE Letters ... Example:
Prints at the top selected columns. (A=true, B=false)
            Include TRUE-FALSE for Column 1
            Include TRUE-FALSE for Column 2
            Include TRUE-FALSE for Column 3
            Include TRUE-FALSE for Column 4
            Include TRUE-FALSE for Column 5

ODD or EVEN Numbering of Columns. Force it to only
print the ODD or EVEN numbers in your numbering range ...
       Column 1:   Normal   ODD   EVEN
       Column 2:   Normal   ODD   EVEN
       Column 3:   Normal   ODD   EVEN
       Column 4:   Normal   ODD   EVEN
       Column 5:   Normal   ODD   EVEN

SWAP Positions of Score Box and Instruction Box
This determines which side of the page the boxes appear.
       Score Box <--   --> Instruction Box
       Instruction Box <--   --> Score Box

Include Instructions:   See page position above.
     Do Not Print Any Instruction Boxes

   Select a cool "meme" instead of a normal instruction box ...

Include Score Box:   See page position above.
     Do Not Print Any Score Boxes

   Center the columns on printout.

   Force a Gap between each of the question numbers
        and the bubbles. This will allow the use of Assessment
. This will widen the page format and possibly
        cause margins to overflow. Adjust your printer accordingly.
        (especially if you are using more than three columns)

   Force each column to begin with ABCD...
        For styles such as 21-34. Use this if you have an odd
        number of questions in a column and you don't want
        the letter sequence to carry-over into the next column.

   Force the first question in column to begin with FGHJ...
        For example, instead of starting the column with ABCD, it
        will start out with the 2nd line, like FGHJ. If selected, all
        columns will start the same way, regardless of the question no.

   Group sections of the test. (example: 5)
        This will cause a slight blank space between questions,
        making it easier for students to keep their place on
        the sheet. Select how many questions for each group.
        Grouping by 5 or 10 is most common.
        For background color, see that option above.
        (Leave this blank for non-grouping of questions)

   Add More Spacing between lines. (0-50 pixels)
        You can control the spacing between lines by entering
        the number of pixels to increase the space. Visualize:
        Visualize what the vertical spacing looks like
        (Leave this blank for normal line spacing)

   Include Registration Marks  ( )
        Prints marks in the leftmost column to simulate
        printout for an automated test marking machine.

   Assign a unique 'Test ID' number.
        Select this option to reprint your form at a later date.
        All data is saved for future retrieval (for 1-2 months).
        The ID number will appear on your form.

Step 4 Click to Generate Bubble Test ...

Program Notes ...

I am open to suggestions, comments, and improvements to this script.
If there is anything you would like to see added or changed, please let
me know ... Thank You.     Send me a message

Teachers ... Using this Bubble Test Generator online is free!

The original intent of this site is to create "sample tests" for student practice. Although it's not perfect, I'm hoping this website will help out in some small way. Be sure to try the New Bubbletest!

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