Having Problems?

  Here are some common solutions ...

Test form on screen has messed up line feeds

The way the form looks on your screen is not the way it will look on your printer. The printout is determined by the "printer setup" portion of your browser.

Click "page setup", or "printer setup" and adjust the four margins (top, bottom, left, right) ... move them all out by making the setting numbers as small as possible.

Use your browser to do a "print preview" to see an actual view of your bubbletest form, as it will look on paper, not on your monitor.

Monitor sizes also affect the "look" of the form. People with smaller monitors (15 inch) will usually see carriage return problems with the form output, but again, the paper printout will look OK.

Caption Lines are too long, causing problems

This can be corrected by forcing your own linefeeds within the captions you typed in.

Wherever you want to linefeed the long caption, enter a    <br>    code to force the carriage return.

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